Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA
Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA

Tomato Seeds NON-GMO Fruit Garden Seeds FREE SHIP DOMESTIC USA

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Item specifics
Color: Red
Humid Continental, Mediterranean
Sunlight: Full Sun, Medium Sun
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
MPN: does not apply
Genus: Tomato
Custom Bundle: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Life Cycle: Annual
Common Name: Tomato
Brand: The Rike
Watering: Medium
Cultivating Difficulty: Easy
Season of Interest:
Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Planting Time: 9 Weeks
Type: Garden Seeds
Growth Habit: Climbing
Soil Type: Loam
Features: Fast Growing
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Tomato Seeds, Organic Non-GMO Vegetable Fruit Seeds

There is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomato, warm from the sunshine. The smallest of gardens or even an apartment with a window-boxIt is worth growing at least one tomato plant in for the pleasure it will give you. They will grow in pots, troughs, or even hanging baskets.

Product introduction:

  • Plants grow strong, have good heat resistance.
  • Growing all year
  • Beautiful round fruit shape, delicious food quality
  • Germination rate: > 80%
  • Seasoning: Autumn, Winter-Spring
  • Sowing temperature: 15 - 30 degrees 
  • Temperature ST: 15 - 35 degrees 
  • Time Harvest: 60 - 70 days.

Technical instructions for tomato cultivation:

  • After 10 - 15 days of planting, check the germination rate and plant dead plants or seeds that do not germinate with seedlings with 5 - 6 leaves. Then, clean the grass, and gently cultivate the soil to become loose; pay attention not to touch, avoid touching tree roots.
  • After 30 - 35 days of planting, clean grass and apply to dilute urea or manure. 
  • After each harvest batch, clean weeds

Fertilize with the rate:

  • Organic decay: 10 - 15 tons/ha/year
  • Potassium sulfate: 100 kg/ha/year
  • Urea fertilizer: 400 kg/ha / year
  • It is divided equally into 7-8 groups after harvest. 

Teaching information:

  • Harvest: 70-75 days after sowing
  • Density: tree x plant 0.5m, row x row 1m
(*) Note: For soil with a pH < 5 should spread 1000 kg/ha of lime evenly before plowing to help the grass grow and develop better.
1. Get to know your area.
Tomatoes, like any plant, have an ideal environment for their best growth and best fruit. Some varieties of tomatoes are native to specific regions and do not thrive anywhere else.
Research the tomato varieties that are best for your environment and region by consulting someone with agricultural knowledge about the cultivar you plan to grow or searching for details on an internet book. There may be hybrids that do well in the soil and climate where you plan to grow, even if you've never heard or thought of it.

2. Choose a tomato variety.
There are many different varieties of tomatoes, each with a unique color, size, and flavor. Tomatoes come in various types, from small grapes to fruit larger than oranges and multiple colors. Prepare tomatoes, taste the tomato you like, and the plant’s healthy plant’s kind of growth are factors you must consider when choosing a tomato variety to grow.
  • Tomato plants have two different types of growth: finite and infinite. Finite-growing trees grow straight and bear fruit quickly, but only live for a short time. The tree grows indefinitely, spreads like a creeper, and bears fruit all season.
  • Red tomatoes or beefsteak tomatoes are traditionally eaten whole or thinly sliced ?? on a sandwich. Plump tomatoes, also known as Roma tomatoes, are used for cooking, can, and make sauces. Curry tomatoes or grape tomatoes are rich in seeds and water, used whole or cut in half in salads or pasta dishes.
  • Color can indicate the taste of tomatoes. If you like traditional flavors, go for a large, red tomato. Purple or brown tomatoes have a rich flavor, while yellow or orange tomatoes have a sweeter taste. Green tomatoes are suitable for cooking savory dishes

3. Choose a favorite nut.
Tomatoes can be grown with dry packaged seeds, fresh seeds from cut tomatoes, or seedlings sold in plant nurseries. New and dried seeds take a lot of work to plant but also feel more enjoyable. 

4. Know when to plant.
Tomato growing must be done at certain times of the year for the best results. Tomato is a light-loving plant so that it will thrive in late spring and summer. You should plant at least two weeks after the last frost, or when the night temperature does not drop below 10°C, and daytime temperatures should remain below 32 ° C.
If you will sow seeds indoors, schedule them 6-8 weeks before your intended date to plant them outside.
If you want, you can purchase a soil temperature thermometer to test the soil in your garden to determine the ideal planting time. The perfect soil temperature for tomato growing is 10 degrees Celsius, but this may not happen when the weather is better, so you should check the garden just to be sure.
The farmer's calendar is an essential tool to help you find the best planting times. You can view the farmer's calendar online or buy one with your region listed.

Home Nursing
1. Prepare the tray.
Buy nursery trays from the nurseries and add sterile garden soil. Use a ground that is explicitly marketed for nursery for best results.

2. Sow the seeds.
Create rows of soil to drop seeds in. The sources should be about 5cm apart. Fill the seeds with a thin pinch of soil and gently water them with water on top.
If you plant different varieties, produce one of each row and mark each row. Otherwise, it will be difficult to tell when the plant starts to sprout.

3. Warm the seeds.
To germinate, the seeds need light and heat. Place them south, opposite a window, or use the heat of fluorescent light by placing the light above the seed tray, about 10 km away. Seeds need at least 6-8 hours of light and heat per day before germinating.

4. Take care of the seeds.
Water the incubator tray every day, ensuring adequate light and temperature. Place a temperature, not below 21 degrees Celsius. When the seeds germinate and leave real leaves, you can plant them outside. Tomato seeds will sprout after about a week, but whole leaves appear healthy about a month after growing.

5. Remove the seedling.
Plant each seedling in a separate pot to give them enough space to grow. Use a fork to scoop up the soil from the seedlings and gently remove them with your fingertips from the nursery tray.

6. Planting seedlings.
Place each seedling in a separate pot of about 1 liter of soil. These plants still need 8 hours of sunlight, temperature, and water a day.

7. Practice sturdy plants.
After about two months, your tomato seedlings will begin to grow and look like small mature plants. Before being brought to the garden, they must be "trained" to be sturdy and accustomed to the outdoor climate. 
Start by placing the pots outside for 2-3 hours and then bring them in. Continue this process by setting out for a little longer each day for about a week. When the week is over, you can leave the pot open all day and night outdoors.

8. Prepare the plants before planting.
When your plant is healthy and ready to go outdoors, prepare it for the garden. Trees over 15 cm high should be pruned. Use shears to cut the lowest branches around the tree. If the plant is less than 15 cm, you can plant it immediately without preparing.

Planting a Tomato Garden
1. Select a plot of land.
Finding the best spot in your yard to grow tomatoes is an essential step in the growing process. Tomato is a sun-loving plant; it is necessary to sunbathe directly from the sun for 6-8 hours a day. If possible, find a place with good drainage, as standing water will make the tomato growing environment less complicated, and the plants will loosen fruit.

Prepare the soil.
Conditions for the best tomato growth. Test the soil pH to see if adding anything to the soil. Tomatoes are suitable for a pH of 6 - 6.8. Apply more compost to nourish the soil and loosen expansive dirt. Need to reduce and mix the soil to a depth of about 15 - 20 cm.
If you plan to grow tomatoes in the past, fertilize and adjust the soil pH a few months before planting. Thus, the ground will have time to soak up all the nutrients.

3. Dig holes for planting trees.
Plant a distance from each other depending on the method of care you want to apply. If you’re going to make a truss or cage for the tree, dig holes 60 - 90 cm apart. If you wish for the tree to grow naturally, the plants’ distance should be a little bit longer, about 1.2 m. Dig holes about 20 cm deep so that the plant’s roots and lower trunks can be buried.

4. Add nutrients.
Sprinkle a tablespoon of Epsom salt in each hole to increase magnesium levels to help plants grow well. You can also now sprinkle some compost under each hole.

5. Growing tomatoes.
You move each tomato plant from the pot into the prepared hole. Loosen the soil and root ball in the pool and gently remove the plant by turning it over quickly with your other hand. Plant each tree in the ground, compact it to remove all air bubbles. Fill the soil under the lowest leaf layer.

6. Make a cage for the plant.
If you want to surround the tomatoes with a cage, now is the time to set the cell. Make a cage with concrete poured steel or sparse wire mesh. Do not tie the plant to the pen or the stakes around the plant until it has flowered.

7. Water the plants.
Keep your plants healthy by watering them daily. However, don't "drown" your tree. A tomato plant that absorbs more than 1 or 2 tablespoons of water per day will give the fruit a light taste. If you don't have time to water every day, consider a sprinkler or drip irrigation system in your garden.

8. Take care of the tree.
Once the tree has grown, keep it healthy by pruning regularly and harvesting the fruit. Use shears to cut off the shoots (small branches that grow from where the main component intersects) and the branches hidden below, the branches in or near the tree’s shade.
9. Choose fertilizer.
Tomatoes can grow very well if the soil is rich in organic nutrients. If you are using chemical fertilizers, choose a vegetable fertilizer. Use half the recommended concentration per liter of water (follow the directions on the package).
Do no use grass fertilizers. The proportion of minerals in grass fertilizer causes branches and leaves to develop.
Applying too much fertilizer can cause the plant to grow too quickly, making it more susceptible to pests and diseases.
10. Prevent flower stem rot.
Flower stem rot is the black and rotten tomatoes on the bottom of the fruit. When you see this, it is too late to save the tomato plant. Prevention is still the best measure. Calcium deficiency can lead to stem rot. To prevent this, you should:
  • Boil 4 liters of water and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of lemon juice.
  • Add 6 tablespoons of bone meal to the water. Stirred. No worries about dissolving the solution.
  • Cover and cook for about 30 minutes.
  • Let cool.
  • Water the leaves and roots of each plant with about 1 liter of solution.
  • Repeat this therapy a second time in 3-5 days
11. Take bird control.
Attach red decorations on top of the tomato truss. The bird will think it's a tomato and peck it on. The berries have a hard surface and odorless nose that confuses the birds, and they will leave your tomato plant alone.
12. Plant plants that attract beneficial predators.
Some good options are chrysanthemum, chamomile, and watercress. Ladybugs and wasps attracted to these plants will eat aphids and hornworms that can damage tomato plants.
13. Harvest the fruit.
When the tomatoes start to bear fruit, you should be able to harvest them! Pick the tomatoes when the fruit is ripe, usually calculated using days. You can pick them early and let them ripen indoors if the weather turns bad or when there are too many pods. You can eat tomatoes, raw, canned, or frozen whole for future use.

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