Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest
Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest

Strips Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Dogs/Cats Suffering Diabetes Advocate PetTest

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Advocate PetTest Monitoring Glucose Levels - Diabetes Testing Tools - Calibrated for Pets Super Value Bundle




The Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System is an easy-to-use portable blood glucose monitoring system specifically calibrated and validated to provide accurate blood glucose results on dogs and cats.

Designed for home, veterinary office or laboratory use, the PetTest system requires NO CODING, ensuring accurate results on every test, on every species, every time.


A simple push of a button switches PetTest from Dog Mode to Cat Mode, each mode is accompanied by a reassuring picture of a dog or cat in the display to visually confirm your testing mode.


PetTest results are displayed in 5 seconds. PetTest is the only pet meter on the market that provides POSITIVE VISUAL CONFIRMATION of the species being tested.

PetTest also displays those test results and stores the results in memory and in the result averages along with that species-specific designation.

Other features include a 400 test result memory with date and time (species-specific); 7, 14 and 28-day species-specific result averages, and 4 daily alarms.


* Advocate PetTest Monitoring Glucose Levels - Diabetes Testing Tools - Calibrated for Pets - ( Starter Kit )

* 25 PetTest Test Strips + BONUS 35 Test Strips

* PetTest Control Solution

* Lancing device

* 25 lancets

* Carrying case

* Two (2) AAA batteries

* One year warranty

Calibrated for Pets ONLY

If a pet owner suspects that reading is not accurate, they should immediately perform a test with the control solution. If that reading does not fall within the control range, they should contact Advocate 24/7 technical support number right away.

Useful Information

Blood Glucose Test

Make sure you have all the items needed to test before you perform a blood glucose test. Blood Glucose Meter

Test Strips

Lancing Device

Sterile Lancets

Prepare for the Test

1. Select the test site There are many sites to obtain capillary blood samples from your pets: the marginal ear vein in both cats and dogs; paw pads in cats and dogs; leg callus in dogs; inner or outer lip for dogs only.



Warming the area will help increase blood flow. This can be done by Gently rubbing the test sites or

Applying a warm (not hot)cloth to the test site. If using a wet cloth, place the cloth inside a plastic bag to avoid diluting the blood sample.


2. Wash your hands and the test site with warm water and soap to ensure accurate results. Thoroughly dry your hands and test the site of your pet. (If using a 70% isopropyl alcohol prep pad to clean the site, let it air dry before sampling.)

3. Prepare a lancing device and lancet according to instructions included with the device.

4. After sampling, gently apply pressure to the test site with sterile gauze or cotton wool to help stop the blood flow.

Run a Blood Glucose Test on Your Pet

1. Insert test strip from vial Fully insert the test strip into the meter until you feel it stop against the end of the meter guide.

2. Choose Dog Mode/Cat Mode/CTL Mode You can choose from three modes by pressing the M button. If you miss the desired more, you can continue pressing the M button to cycle through the mode choices again.

Dog Mode When the dog marker is displayed and the flashing blood drop indicator appears on the display, go to step 3 for obtaining a drop of blood or press M button to move to Cat Mode.


Cat Mode When the dog marker is displayed and the flashing blood drop indicator appears on the display, go to step 3 for obtaining a drop of blood or press the M button to move to CTL Mode.

CTL Mode When the control solution marker is displayed and the flashing blood drop indicator appears on the display, the meter is ready to perform a control solution test. You can perform a control solution test or press the M button to move back to Dog Mode.


3. Apply Sample to the Test Strip Touch the tip of the strip to the blood sample until the meter beeps and begins the 5 seconds countdown. The minimum blood sample size is 0.3µl. Please note that if the confirmation window is not filled with blood, the test result may be inaccurate.


4. Get Result After 5 seconds, the blood glucose test result appears. This result will be automatically stored in the meter's memory.


Expected Blood Glucose Values

Normal glucose ranges for cats and dogs without diabetes is about 75-120 mg/dl (4.2-6.7 mmol/L).1 Many factors will affect blood glucose values such as food intake, medication dosages, health, stress, or exercise. You can consult your veterinarian for appropriate "expected blood glucose values: for pets.



A. The test strips are to be used with fresh, capillary whole blood samples.

B. DO NOT perform glucose tests on your pets when your pets are sick or in poor body conditions.

C. DO NOT use to test newborn animals (neonates).

D. Not to be used for the determination of diagnosis or screening of diabetes.

E. Extreme humidity may affect the results. Relative humidity greater than 85% or lower than 15% may cause incorrect results.

F. The system should be used at a temperature between 50°F-104°F(10°C-40°C). Outside this range, the system will cease operation. Bring the system within the operating temperature range for 20 minutes before using it.

G. DO NOT reuse the test strips. The test strips are for single use only.

H. Red blood cell count (Hematocrit): Accurate results are provided for hematocrit ranges between 20% and 60% hematocrit levels below 20% may cause higher results; hematocrit level above 60% may cause lower results. If you do not know the hematocrit level of your pets, please consult with veterinarians.



1. Cleaning Procedure

Take disinfectant CaviWipesXL towelette from the container.

Wipe down the entire meter and lancing device, including the clear cap, until the debris or the bioburden is remove. After air drying, go to Step 2: Disinfection Procedure.

Discard the used disinfectant wipe in trash.

2. Disinfection Procedure

Perform the cleaning procedure above prior to performing the disinfection procedure. Take a new disinfectant CaviWipesXL from the container.

Wipe down the entire meter enough to thoroughly wet all surfaces (3 passes horizontal and 3 passes vertically as shown below) to complete the disinfection procedure. Allow the devices to remain wet for a 2-minute contact time. Perform a similar procedure on the entire surface of the lancing device, including the cap. Do disinfection at least once per week.

Discard the used disinfectant wipe in trash

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the meter, lancing device, or test strips.


Always store or transport your meter, test strips, and control solution in the carrying case after each use. Avoid a strong impact or dropping your system.

Store your meter, test strips, and control solution in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.

Store your meter and strips at 39.2°F to 104°F(4°C to 40°C), 15-85% R.H.

Immediately close the strip or control solution vial cap tightly once you have retrieved a strip or finished a control test to avoid contamination or damage.

Write down the discard date on the vials after the first opening (90 days from the first time you open). Do not use test strips and control solutions that have passed their expiration dates.

Keep the strip vial away from children. The cap and the test strip may present a   hazard. If swallowed, promptly see a doctor’s help.


Check out this video for your information:

Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Meter

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So, what do you get in an Advocate PetTest Kit? ' Unboxing Special

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Customer Reviews

Karle W.

March 16, 2019

I switched from the alpha track meter system because it was getting too expensive to buy the test strips. It is necessary for me to test my pet 2 to 3 times a day so the cost of the test strips s a big deal. I love how this meter just sucks up the blood. Plus there is no worry about having the code wrong. In comparing the two the reads varied just a little but within the guidelines of the meter. I like this system much better. It is easier to use, very accurate plus affordable. Get it you won't regret it!


David R

January 30, 2019

price is much better than the competition, which I also have & use occasionally, to check pettiest results.

results compare well, as long as you get an adequate blood sample to the test strip, as described in the advocate user manual. it's important, or you will get an actual bg result that is wrong.


Memory Storage: 400 Test Memory
Kit Include: 25 PetTest Test Strips + BONUS 35 Test Strips
Warranty: 1 year
Item Dimensions L x W x H: 2.4 x 3.6 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight: 1.60 Ounces
Model: Glucose Blood Test Strips
Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan
Features: 2 AAA batteries,One-Button Switch Between Dogs & Cats,No Coding Required,Smallest Sample Size Needed (0.3mcL),Positive Visual Confirmation of Species Tested,Extremely Easy to Use,FREE Downloadable Data Management system
Brand: PetTest / Advocate
UPC: Does not apply
Inventory Last Updated: Jun 12, 2021


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