100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz
100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz

100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves 3.5 oz

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 100 Gram Dried Whole Neem Leaves Organic Non-GMO Indian Neem Leaves (3.5 oz)

Neem leaf is used for leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease), fever, diabetes, gum disease (gingivitis), and liver problems. The leaf is also used for birth control and to cause abortions.

How is neem leaves can cure cancer?

Neem leaf has a certain type of protein that boost the immune system and assists in killing colon cancer cells. Neem also produces antibodies. Owing to these reasons many scientists have said that neem cancer treatment one day will be a very big achievement and from this effective cancer vaccine will be developed.

What should neem be used for on plants?

Use neem oil as a dormant oil spray to control a number of insects, including:

  • Tent caterpillars, leaf rollers and other caterpillar eggs that remain on plant leaves during winter
  • Aphids that cause leaf curling the following spring
  • Mites that overwinter on plant leaves
  • Scale insects

Is neem good for diabetes?

Part of Neem that is used in Diabetes:

  • Extracts from its leaves and seeds are considered the best for controlling diabetes. ...
  • It has also proved scientifically that neem has a massive efficacy in treating diabetes. ...
  • Its leaf extractions broaden the blood vessels, thus enhancing the blood circulation and reduces the need for hypo-glycemic drugs.

How to use neem for acne scars at home?

  • Mix Neem powder with turmeric and rosewater
  • Make it a smooth paste
  • Use this paste on your face and neck
  • Allow it to get try for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse with normal water

How to harness the power of neem oil for plants?

Use neem oil as a dormant oil spray to control a number of insects, including:

  • Tent caterpillars, leaf rollers and other caterpillar eggs that remain on plant leaves during winter
  • Aphids that cause leaf curling the following spring
  • Mites that overwinter on plant leaves
  • Scale insects

Does neem purify the blood?

Neem, which is rich in natural antioxidants, and has other medicinal properties, is traditionally known to be a very effective blood purifier. It is also known to support key organs – the liver and kidney — that assist in taking out waste and toxins from the body.

What is Neem leaf good for?

  • The neem leaves are used to keep beneath the cloths in order to protect them from foul smell and any kind of microbes.
  • Paste of neem is a good thing for beauty treatment.
  • The tender neem leaves is also cooked and stir-fried; and used as a curry.
  • Many also prefers to chew neem leaves; it is a blood-purifier.
  • The neem leaves are used to keep beneath the cloths in order to protect them from foul smell and any kind of microbes.
  • Paste of neem is a good thing for beauty treatment.
  • The tender neem leaves is also cooked and stir-fried; and used as a curry.
  • Many also prefers to chew neem leaves; it is a  blood-purifier.
  • Neem juice is a well know thing for overall health.

Now, we shall be moving to the health benefits of Margosa or neem leaves. As said earlier, it is a very sacred and beneficial tree regarded to health. It is used in almost the Ayurvedic preparations. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-yeast and anti-viral in nature.

Neem leaf and its constituents have been demonstrated to exhibit immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antihyperglycaemic, antiulcer, antimalarial, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral.

20 Health benefits of Neem Leaves 

1,Neem leaves Cures Nasal bleeding

  • Neem leaves are highly beneficial to stop nasal bleeding.
  • Grind equal amounts of neem leaves and carom seeds together.
  • Make a thick paste and apply this on ear lobes.
  • It stops nasal bleeding.

2,Treatment for various Hair problems

  • To cure baldness and growth of hair, take 1 part of Neem leaves and 1 part of Bael leaves.
  • Grind them and apply on head for 12 hours.
  • Wash off after 12 hours.
  • It promotes growth of hair within 1 month of treatment.
  • Boil neem leaves in water and then use this water to wash the hairs.
  • It makes the hair strong, turns the hair black, cures boils on head and also treats lice.
  • You can also apply neem oil to cure baldness and any kind of infection or microbial actions on hair.

3,Neem leaves Cure Leucoderma

  • Take 5 fresh neem leaves and 10 gm Indian gooseberry.
  • In case fresh gooseberry is not available, then you can also take dried fruits.
  • Early morning, grind them in fresh water and give o the patient.
  • Also grind the extract of banana with turmeric and cow’s urine.
  • Apply the paste on white patches.
  • Take equal quantities of neem leaves, flowers and its fruits.
  • Grind them in water and make a mixture.
  • Give 2 gm of this mixture with water.
  • It cures leucoderma.

4,Neem leaves Helpful in Eczema

  • Grind 8-10 neem leaves with curd.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area.
  • Take juice of its leaves and add equal amounts of sulphur, borax powder, nut-grass and black cumin.
  • Grind them all and prepare tablets.
  • On a daily basis, grind a tablet in water and apply on the affected area.

5,Treats Urticaria

  • Give hot infusion of its inner bark with 4 gm powder of Indian gooseberry, twice a day.
  • Mix powdered black pepper in ghee and apply on the affected area.
  • You can also mix camphor in neem oil; use this to massage on the affected area.
  • It cures even the oldest forms of Urticaria.

6,Aids in Paediatric Boils

  • The green fruits of neem is also called ;niboli‘.
  • Give 6-10 ripe nibolis twice to thrice a day with water.
  • It cures boils.

7,Neem leaves as a blood purifier

  • Make a juice of neem leaves with little amount of water in it.
  • add little amount of aforesaid and roasted cumin to it.
  • Have this solution twice a day.
  • It purifies the blood hence cures many diseases.

8,Treatment for Elephantiasis

  • Take 10 gm each of bark of neem and gooseberry tree.
  • Grind them in 50 gm cow’s urine.
  • Strain the solution and mix 6 gm honey in it.
  • Give this to the patient thrice a day.
  • To cure fire burns, dip a piece of cotton in Neem oil and apply over the burnt area.
  • It heals the burns and also gives relief from painful sensation.

9,Aids in Heat strokes

  • Take 10 gm of its whole plant (Neem Tree).
  • Powder it and mix with 10 gm sugar.
  • Mix them in water.
  • Strain the solution and give it to the patient.

10,Cures Chicken pox

  • Take 7 red coloured neem leaves and 7 black pepper.
  • Give this to the patient at least for 1 month.
  • It ensures that the patient will not suffer from the similar disease next year.
  • Grind 5-10 of its seeds in water.
  • Apply the paste to the boils of chicken pox.
  • It gives relief from burning sensation.
  • When the patient recovers from the disease, make them bath with water boiled with neem leaves.
  • Apply neem oil on the skin in order to get rid of blisters and dried acne.
  • You can also chew 2-5 leaves of margosa twice a day.
  • IN case of excessive heat in chicken pox boils, grind the leaves of neem and apply over the boils.
  • It provides relief and cures in fewer times.

11,Treatment for Plague

  • Take 20 gm inner bark of neem and grind it in 50 ml water.
  • Strain the solution and give this to the patient twice a day.
  • Also, prepare poultice of its leaves and tie it.
  • It dissolve the tumour of the plague and lowers the body temperature due to fever.
  • Grind its whole plant and then strain the solution.
  • Give 10 gm of this solution after every 15 minutes to the patient.
  • Spread its smoke around the patient; it is beneficial in curing plague.

12,Helpful in Gout and Arthritis

  • Take 20 gm neem leaves and 30 gm leaves of bitter gourd.
  • Boil them together in 300 ml water till it reduces to 1/4th.
  • Mix honey in the decoction and give this to the patient twice a day.
  • In Arthritis, massage with neem oil. It is very beneficial and cure the ailment.
  • Grind 20 20 gm of the inner bark with water into fine paste.
  • Apply on the painful area.
  • Remove the paste after it dries and apply the fresh paste again.
  • Repeat this for 3-4 times.
  • It gives relief in pain.

13,Treatment for Malaria

  • Give 5-10 drops of neem oil, twice a day.
  • Grind neem leaves with half the amount of alum.
  • Prepare tablets of 500 mg each.
  • Give 1 tablet with sugar syrup.
  • Not only Malaria fever, but it is beneficial to cure-all kinds of fever.

14,Treats Bleeding diathesis

  • Give 10 gm paste of its leaves to the patient; once to twice a day.
  • Take 20 gm juice of each of neem leaves and Malabar nut leaves.
  • Give this to the patient with honey mixed in it.
  • Give this dosage twice a day for better results.

15,Treatment for acidity

  • Mix 6-6 gm each of neem stick, coriander and ginger root.
  • Make a decoction of this.
  • Give this to the patient twice a day.
  • It cures burning sensation, sour hiccoughs, indigestion and thirst.

16,Good for all kinds of Urinary disorders

  • Grind neem leaves and prepare a cake.
  • Fry the cake in cow’s ghee till the cake burns.
  • Strain the ghee and eat this with chapati.

17,Cure for Eye disorders

  • To cure ye pain, put 2 drops of warm juice of neem leaves in the opposite ear.
  • In cases, there is pin in both the eyes; put the juice drops in both the ears.
  • Take 1-2 gm powder of kernel of its seeds and apply this with eye liner in eyes.
  • With the regular use, it treats cataract.
  • Take dried shade leaves of neem and add equal amount of potassium nitrate to it.
  • Grind them into a fine powder and then strain the powder using a fine cloth.
  • Use this powder for eye liner in eyes.
  • It cures eye inflammation, haziness of eyes, night blindness and other eye disorders.

18,Neem tree Tooth problems

  • Neem is one of the effective remedy to cure tooth problems.
  • Traditionally, you must have seen many uses the branch of neem as their toothbrush. It is very effective; strengthening your gums and teeth.
  • Take 50 gm powder of bark of its root, 50 gm ferrous oxide and 10 gm rock salt.
  • Mix well and add 3 times of neem juice to it.
  • Dry it and store in a bottle.
  • Use this powder to brush the teeth.
  • It cures halitosis, gum bleeding, stomatitis, anxiety etc.

19,Neem Tree for Anaemia

  • Take 6 gm stick of neem and 6 gm root of spreading hogweed,
  • Grind them in water; strain the solution and give this to the patient for few days.
  • Take 6 gm each of neem leaves, tinospora leaves, gum leaves and myrobalan.
  • Grind them all and boil in 200 ml water till it reduces to 50 ml.
  • Strain the solution and give this to the patient with jaggery mixed in it.
  • Give it twice a day. It is very beneficial in curing anemia.
  • Grind equal amounts of neem root’s bark, leaves, flowers and fruits.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of this powder and mix it with ghee or honey.
  • Give it to the patient with water or cow’s milk; twice a day.
  • Take 10 gm juice of Neem leaves and add 10 gm honey.
  • Give this to the patient every morning for 5-6 days.
  • It cures anaemia. It has high chlorophyll content thus increases your haemoglobin content.

20,Helpful to cure piles

  • Take 50 gm Neem oil, 3 gm alum and 3 gm borax powder.
  • Grind them into a fine paste.
  • Apply it on the boils. It cures piles in few days only.
  • Take 50 gm of dried neem seeds, Persian lilac seeds, small Myrobalan, pure rasot and 30 gm roasted asafoetida.
  • Grind them all into fine powder.
  • Then mix 50 gm of seedless grapes in the powder.
  • Mix these and prepare pea-sized tablets.
  • Give 1-4 tablets twice a day.
  • It cures all types of piles and also stops the bleeding.
  • Take 50 gm camphor and 50 gm of neem seeds.
  • Extract oil from these and apply a little amount on the boils of the piles.
  • Within a few days, it dries th boil which gets healed after a few days.


Item specifics
Serving Size: Unknown
Form: Whole
MPN: Does not apply
Calories per Serving: Unknown
Food Aisle: Pantry
Brand: The Rike
Spice Type: leaf
Modified Item: No
Country/Region of Manufacture: India
Product: Single Spice
Allergens: None
Style: Home cooking
Food Specifications: GMO-Free, Organic, Vegan
Number of Servings: Unknown
Regional Cuisine: Indian
Dried Whole Neem Leaves Indica Indian Neem Tree-Free Ship
For over 5,000 years, Indians have recognized the neem tree for the boon it is for humanity. They have used it for a variety of medicinal and therapeutic purposes. All parts of the neem tree have their own benefits. However, one of the most beneficial parts of this tree are its leaves.
Check out the video below to know the benefits of Neem leaves (Azadirachta Indica) at a glance. 
Properties of Neem Leaves
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Powerful immune-stimulant
 Uses Of Neem Leaves
  • Treating sore throat and tired foot
  • Using as an eyewash
  • Skin toning
  • Repelling insects
  • Curing Arthritis
  • Treating common cold
  • Healing cuts and wounds
 Health Benefits Of Neem Leaves 
1. Protects Against Viral Diseases
Humans are prone to viral diseases and we often fall sick due to one virus or the other. Neem leaves can be used to fight off these viral infections.
The antiviral agents in neem leaves absorb the virus and accelerate the body's healing process. Boiling neem leaves and adding them to bathing water can fight off countless skin related problems.
2. Improves Cardiac Health
Boiling neem leaves in water and drinking it can have numerous benefits for your heart.
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Removes toxins
  • Dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation
  • Relaxes erratic heart beat
  • Controls high blood pressure

3. Fights Fungal Diseases
Many diseases that ail the human body are caused by various funguses. Ringworms are one such fungus disease. Neem leaves have antifungal properties that make it extremely effective in fighting fungal diseases. Even our hair and skin are prone to fungal diseases. Neem rescues us of those too.
4. Treats Malaria
Neem contains a component called Gedunin that is extremely effective in treating fever caused by malaria. Also, mosquitos exposed to the odor of crushed neem leaves lay fewer eggs.
5. Treats Insect Bites
Applying a paste made by crushing neem leaves can soothe insect bites. Furthermore, neem leaves may also protect the human body against some poisons. Their anti-clotting plays a pivotal role in protecting us from poison and insect bites. Also, neem leaves can be used to treat inflammation caused by insect bites.
6. Soothes Skin After Chicken Pox
Once chicken pox has been treated it is advisable to take a neem water bath. It will soothe your skin and prevent additional spreading of the disease.

 Skin Benefits of Neem Leaves
1. Moisturizes Skin
Neem is a great natural moisturizer. It will make your skin soft and supple. Neem leaves can also be used to lighten scars and pigmentation caused by acne. It also cures minor infections and wounds.
2. Cures Acne
A neem face pack can be highly effective in treating acne. You can also boil neem leaves and add them to your bath. Regular usage will get rid of acne, infection and body odor.
3. Benefit Your Hair
The antibacterial properties of neem leaves keep your scalp clean and prevent dryness and dandruff. Simply boil neem leaves in some water and rinse your hair with it. This will ensure your hair and scalp stay healthy.
 How To Apply Neem Leaves?
There are two ways to use neem leaves to benefit from them.

  • Paste
  • Water
You can grind the neem leaves to make them into a paste. This paste can then be applied topically on your skin and wounds.
  • Crush the leaves as much as you can
  • Put them in a grinding utensil
  • Grind till leaves turn into a paste
  • Add a few drops of water to improve consistency
This is a popular method in India to use neem leaves.
  • Cut some neem leaves
  • Take a pan and fill it with water
  • Place neem leaves in the water container
  • Turn on the stove and bring the water to a boil
  • Wait for the leaves to become soft and the water to turn green
  • Strain the water through a sieve
This ‘neem water’ can be added to your bath. You can also drink this water. Remember to add some honey to improve the taste.


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    You must recognize that the complexity of returns and cancellations may cause a refund to take up to two billing cycles. The Rike’s customer service and accounting staff will work hard to complete the process as quickly as possible.


    *During high volume times of the year, there may be delays processing US and International returns due to mandatory customs clearance. Expect delays due to an increase in border traffic during the holidays. 

    Once your return is received at our HQ, processing and inspection typically takes 3-5 business days to complete. During certain high-volume times of the year, processing times may be longer. Once completed, you will be notified via email. 

    *Orders from the US states of Alaska and Hawaii do not qualify for free returns and exchanges. Return shipping must be paid for by the customer and may be reimbursed at our discretion.


    International orders do not qualify for free returns and exchanges. Duties, taxes and shipping expenses will be the responsibility of the customer. If your package is sent to us 'collect', it will be refused and returned to you.

    Lost or Stolen Packages
    We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages confirmed to be delivered to the address entered for an order. Upon inquiry, We will confirm the delivery to the address provided, date of delivery, tracking information, and shipping carrier information for the customer to investigate.

    Exchanges (if applicable)

    Want to exchange an item? Contact us for arrangement and simply return your original item(s), and place a new order. We will ship your new order immediately, reducing wait time for replacement items. Once we receive and process your return, we will issue an immediate credit.

    Return RMA

    A return merchandise authorization # (RMA #) will be issued for ALL returns. Please do not send back any items without an RMA#. Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs unless the item arrives DOA or DAMAGED. Once the item is received back to our warehouse a technician will verify if defective. Please allow 72 hours (longer during Holiday seasons) for this process. Once verified as defective a Replacement or Refund of the SAME item will be issued free of cost to the customer. If item is returned free of defect and in working condition, customer is then responsible to have item shipped back to them. ALL returns must be shipped back within 10 days of receiving RMA# and must be in original packaging with any and all accessories included with return including all original Packaging.

    Return Exception

    Our standard return policies do not apply to all items. If an item cannot be returned, it will be noted beside the item on the product detail page and in your Shopping Cart.

    Exclusion from Coverage

    Damage resulting from abuse or misuse.

    Damage resulting from extended wear and tear.

    Damage resulting from tampering or a customer modification.

    Damage resulting from exposure to a caustic substance.

    Consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive, exemplary, and/or special damages (although some states in the United States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental damages, so this exclusion might not apply to you)

    To Make a Return or Exchange

    1) Contact us to get an RA (Returns Authorization) number.

    2) Write this number on the outside of the package you are shipping back to us.

    We recommend using USPS to ship your return.


    Our Mission

    We are passionate about supplying the best product lines, providing superior customer service. We represent innovative quality products and marketing concepts that exceed our customers expectations while anticipating their needs for tomorrow. We strive to be a trustworthy company based on strong values and to be the leader in our markets by placing the customer first. TheRike Inc. holds the relationships with its customers, suppliers, employees, and community in the highest regard and will provide for a secure future with growth opportunities.


    Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any problems with your order, please contact us and we will do our best to make you satisfied, please do not leave negative feedback before we resolve your problem.
    We guarantee that your issue will be solved quickly.

    As long as you are happy with your purchase, please leave us a positive feedback.
    Your feedback is very important to us it affects our search placement on eBay. We will leave a positive feedback for you in return automatically once we receive your feedback.

    Our Warranty

    Please note that we are an authorized dealer for all of the products we list on eBay. Therefore we do guarantee that the item featured in this listing will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty or support.

    We warranty and represent that the goods are as described in the above listing. We specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Customers should satisfy themselves that any item choice made is suitable for their intended purpose or use. We pride ourselves on our customer service. In the rare event that you have a problem with your item, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

    How we use your information
    The Rike Inc. does not sell your personal information to anyone but may use your personal information to process your order or communicate with you. You may receive email marketing communications from us in relation to your visit to our site.