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Laser sights have come a long way in the last twenty years. Today, laser sights for pistols and handguns are brighter, more rugged, water-resistant, and don't cost two weeks' pay. Laser Sights are now incorporated into grips, guide rods, flashlights, and accessory rails, providing immense utility without taking up extra space on your weapon.

The Rike has all your Laser Sight needs for low prices. Get the Laser Bore Sights, green or red Laser Sights or Night Vision Laser Sights that you always wanted.

Laser sights allow for quicker and more confident target acquisition. It instantly calculates and displays the exact aiming point and wind data all inside the scope Gun OpticsSights and Lasers - Long-range scopes to CQC red dot optics for rifles and guns, to flip up sights and lasers for pistols and long guns.

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