Recycle egg blisters growing red radish (Part 2 Recycling x Planting)


Recycling egg blisters, chicken egg blisters by growing radishes, growing beet, growing vegetables through quick reviewing on tips in above short video. 


1. Create a big location before growing as in video.
2. Mix soil and full it into the big location.
3. Spread the egg tray evenly on the ground surface.
4. Continue to coat the egg tray with a thin layer of soil.
5. Water the top surface with a sufficient layer of water.
6. Dig a small soil to put seeds in.
7. Then patiently fill the hole where the seed is sown.
8. Take care and water just enough to wait until the seeds are larger and mature sucessfully.
9. After 30 days, radish will show up on the surface. You should continue to care until the fruit grows stronger. And finally be happy to harvest them for your meals is more appealing.

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