Cleaning your Backpack after a Hike


Feel like you are taking the woods domestic with you after a hike? Many of us who love being in the first-rate outside come domestic monitoring in some unwelcome souvenirs, specifically in our backpacks. Here are some reachable suggestions about cleansing your backpack for tidy adventuring.

Do You Need to Clean a Backpack After You Use It?

Cleaning your backpack on a normal foundation will enable you to prolong its lifespan so you can preserve the use of your favorite pack for as lengthy as possible.

However, there are a variety of specific elements to take into consideration when it comes to backpack maintenance. Before taking the time to smooth your backpack, it is first-class to reflect on consideration on now not solely the kind of bag, however additionally the quantity of motion it has seen.

The common daypack not often comes in contact with adequate filth to warrant a thorough cleaning. But a hunter’s daypack might also cease up carrying a knife used to pores and skin and smooth an animal (yuck). And a backpacking pack can regularly go onto a path looking pristine and emerge performing as if it has been via boot camp.

The depth of cleansing your backpack wishes will rely on no longer solely the kind of trekking you are doing, however additionally climate stipulations and your personal requirements of cleanliness.

If you are solely trekking for a few hours in respectable weather, your pack is not going to get soiled sufficient to warrant a thorough cleaning. In this case, you can also prefer to solely do a light cleaning.

You may additionally have a storage or basement in which to save your pack if you are no longer equipped to easy your pack, however nevertheless care about the kingdom of your carpets. Refraining from cleansing your pack is not likely to do any genuine harm to the pack itself, however may additionally end result in a shorter lifespan.

Of course, you might also be taking your backpack on longer journeys that are possibly to depart your backpack a bit dirty. If your backpack seems pretty dirty, it has been via inclement weather, or if it certainly starts off evolved to smell, it may also be time for an extra thorough cleaning.

While your backpack may also no longer require a thorough cleansing after each and every person use, it will probably require cautious scrubbing after prolonged intervals of time out of doors.

How to Clean Your Backpack?

Light Dirt

In most cases, your backpack will solely want a mild cleansing after every character use. Depending on the degree of dust your pack has been subjected to, it is pretty easy to smooth the floor of your backpack to maintain it in working order.

To do a rapid clean-up of your backpack, first empty all of the pockets, take the bag outside, and shake it whilst conserving it upside down. This will assist clear away any particles you may additionally have accumulated on your hike.

Once the particles have been shaken out, take a damp sponge or material and wipe out the interior. For the exterior, you need to repeat this step, however you might also locate that you desire to use a little cleaning soap to scrub off any stains or extra dirt. Once this is completed, virtually wipe down the outdoor of your pack with a clean, damp sponge or towel and let it air dry.

Heavy Dirt

Hikers that have a tendency to take their backpacks out for prolonged durations of time are greater probably to locate that their bag desires a greater thorough cleaning. If you experience that your pack ought to use wishes greater work than a mild cleaning, you can both hand-wash or machine-wash your backpack.

For each option, you need to as soon as once more be positive to empty out all of the pockets and shake any free particles out of the bag. If your bag has a metallic body and removable straps, be positive to do away with these earlier than washing. Make certain to wash the straps separately.

If you pick to hand-wash your bag, fill a bathtub with lukewarm water and a small quantity of detergent-free soap. Be positive no longer to use warm water as this may additionally harm the fabric of your backpack. Using a gentle brush or sponge, scrub each the indoors and exterior of the bag. A bit of elbow grease may additionally be crucial for more challenging stains.

For machine-washing, be conscious that some manufacturers expressly promote that their packs must in no way be machine-washed. Before making an attempt to easy your pack in the machine, be certain to lookup the manufacturer of your pack to make positive the substances will no longer be broken thru machine-washing.

If your backpack is protected for machine-washing, region your backpack into a laundry bag to make sure that none of its straps or zippers get caught in the machine. You can additionally flip your backpack inner out for the equal effect. Be certain to let your washing laptop run thru a cycle except any detergent earlier than washing your bag as the detergent may additionally damage positive substances used in backpacks.

Once your backpack is safely in your machine, truly wash it on the mild cycle in bloodless water. Whether you have washed your bag with the aid of hand or with the machine, enable your pack to air dry and make positive that your bag is fully dry earlier than storing.



For any avid hikers fascinated in preserving their backpack over a long lifespan, periodic cleansing is a must. There are a wide variety of distinctive picks handy relying on simply how soiled your backpack is and how totally it wishes to be clean. We hope you discover these recommendations useful for maintaining your equipment in exquisite shape. Happy trekking!

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