Yarrow – (Achillea Millefolium L.)

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) is one of the most useful herbs found in nature and it has been shown to have activity on all parts of the body (some small, but nonetheless positive).

Yarrow has been studied in depth for years. It was commonly used by Native American tribes and armies worldwide for treating bleeding wounds on the battlefield, and also to treat infection afterwards.  It is also used in Ayurvedic traditions; Chinese medicine credits yarrow with the ability to affect the spleen, liver, kidney, and bladder meridians, or energy channels, in the body.

This herb is also used to treat gastrointestinal conditions as it induces sweating and helps lower a fever. Its mild sedative properties make it useful in treating insomnia, cramps and menstrual pain. In the digestive tract, yarrow stimulates appetite, enhances digestion and absorption; its astringent properties curb diarrhea and dysentery, and stem bleeding from the lining of the gut. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties treat infections and inflamed conditions such as gastritis and enteritis, the bitters stimulate liver function, while its antispasmodics relax tensioning cramp, bloating due to gas, colic and nervous dyspepsia.

This wonderful herb also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic volatile oils, and astringent tannins.   These properties promote healing of cuts and wounds, burns and ulcers, and inflammatory skin conditions.

Yarrow compresses are effective for treating bleeding hemorrhoids.

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