Recycle a series of plastic bottles just to grow mustard greens (Part 1 of Recycle x Planting)


If we can save the earth by reuse plastic bottles in planting from seeds. It will brings much benefits to yourself and others as well.

How to grow mustard greens, green lettuce, specialty lettuce, purple lettuce, Japanese mustard, home-grown vegetables. Take a short look in above clips on tips to grow mustard in plastic bottles, vegetable gardening improve. 


1.Select big bottles of 2 liter size.
2. Pierce small holes around bottles with a sharp object.
3. Liner a thin layer of paper of 1 surface inside bottles.
4. Fill bottles with soil.
5. Sow seeds onto the soil surface and note the names of seeds sown to each bottles.
6. Water them enough.
7. Last but not least ..... patient unitl they grow strongly and cut them for best delicous dishes by yourself.
8. And finally, just continue repeat these steps as a cycle for other seeds.

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