Nettle – (Urtica Dioica)

Stinging nettleStinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica)

Nettle is used for whole body detoxification, treating symptoms of enlarged prostate and gastrointestinal disorders.  It contains boron, a mineral known to help slow the effects of osteoporosis and improved overall bone health.  It also can be used to help regulate pain during menstruation by calming cramping and minimizing bleeding due to its astringent capabilities.  This herb also has nephridic qualities, meaning it breaks down kidney and gall stones.

It’s also known as common nettle, burning nettle, devils leaf, burn weed, and many more. It has been used for natural medicine, as a food additive, and as a source of dietary fiber. The plant contains a wide range of nutrients including Vitamins K, B1, B5, C, E, D, and A , calcium, iron, many trace minerals and beta carotene.

It is also used to open passageways in the lungs and reduces wheezing and shortness of breath.  Nettle nourishes the liver, and aids the nervous system.  It relieves high blood pressure and cystitis and has diuretic properties.

This herb helps dispel darkness when combined with Yarrow – the two herbs make a wonderful magickal remedy to help build courage.  It is also said to attract fish, magicakally.

The herb is associated with the planet Mars.  Spiritually it’s an herb of consecration.

It can also be used topically to stop hair loss and eczema.

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