Motherwort – (Leonurus Cardiaca)

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is considered one of the best overall herbs for women.  It has been used for centuries for treating women’s health issues and as an integral part of childbirth.

For centuries, Motherwort has been trusted by women and girls for multiple female-only concerns.  Motherwort is an emmenagogue (an agent that promotes menstrual flow.)  It is used to regulate the menstrual cycle in early life  and to treat menopausal and menstrual complaints as you age.  During child birthing, this herb was used to reduce anxiety in the expectant mother, plus reduce the pain and cramping during the process.  The herb contains a chemical called leonurine, which encourages uterine contractions and helps ensure a speedy delivery.

It doesn’t stop there either.  Once the birthing has been completed, Motherwort was used as a uterine tonic to help the mother heal.  It is also a galactagogue, meaning it promotes the mother’s milk flow and it helps the body expel the afterbirth.

Motherwort is most often used in tincture form or as a tea.  Many women keep a tincture bottle handy as it works quickly on menstrual cramps, especially in younger females.  The tea is used to calm a racing heart caused by anxiousness and to help with cramping.  This herb will cause an increase in menstrual flow, so it is recommended to avoid it when the period is very heavy.

This herb is one of our favorite to grow at Sacred Herbs LLC.  It’s usually the first to emerge each spring and it grows rapidly.  We add more plants every year, but it never seems to be enough as demand is always high.  Our tincture is one of our best selling items.

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