Lavender – (Lavandula Officinalis)

There are many different species of lavender, which have been mixed throughout the years to produce strains with higher color.


Lavender has been used for centuries in nearly every country and every culture. The heady scent has a mild sedative effect, and naturally calms people. For this reason it’s used to treat insomnia, and mild nervous ailments such as anxiety.  Additionally, fresh or dried flowers can be used as a sleep aid. You can fill a sachet bag or small drawstring muslin cloth bag with dried lavender flowers and put it under your pillow.  The scent will fill the air around your head and you’ll drift off peacefully.  A hand full of dried or fresh flowers can be added to the bath can relax tired and stiff muscles and ease tension – just be careful you don’t get too relaxed and fall asleep.

Fresh Lavender Lemonade is a Victorian favorite and tastes delicious, plus it has no caffeine.  Hot lavender tea does it all.  It promotes relaxation and reduces stress, it’s an antiseptic which cleans the body of bacteria, and it’s an alternative way to treat insomnia other than inhaling fresh leaves.  Lavender relieves an upset stomach and is a digestive aid.  It has anti-inflammatory effects; potent antioxidants like polyphenols which reduce inflammation. It’s also believed to reduce pain.

Using cool lavender tea on your scalp is also good for your hair.  It helps prevent hair loss, treats dandruff, and is a great conditioner.

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