How to Fold a No-Sew Bandana Face Mask

If you want to make a face masks fast, comply with this effortless tutorial explaining how to fold a fabric masks the usage of an easy bandana or handkerchief and two elastic hair ties (aka ponytail holders).

It’s handy to make an easy self-made face masks from a bandana and a couple of hair ties. In much less than 5 minutes, I’ll instruct you how to make a fabric face protecting that you can put on when walking errands, like buying at the grocery store.

Face Mask with a Bandana and Hair Ties

This folded bandana masks is one of the easiest methods to make a no-sew face mask. The friction of the folded layers of material holds the masks in vicinity over your nostril and mouth. And the hair tie ear loops will maintain the masks from slipping down.

Pros and Cons

Each kind of masks has its pros and cons. No-sew masks are speedy and easy to make, however they aren’t as long lasting as sewn pleated face masks.

This bandana mask is truly handy to make, however you will have to refold it after every carrying and washing.

Whichever fashion of masks you choose, make positive it:

  • Covers from the bridge of your nostril to the underside of your chin;
  • Fits snugly barring giant gaps;
  • Is made from two or greater layers of tightly-woven fabric;
  • Can be washed and dried?

Supplies and Materials

If you don’t have a bandana, you can use an 18″ rectangular piece of different tightly woven fabric. You can without problems reduce an 18″ rectangular from the backside of an historic t-shirt to use for this mask. Knit t-shirt cloth won’t fray as plenty as different woven fabrics.

If you don’t have hair ties, you can alternative any elastic loops that would be blissful to put on at the back of your ears. You can tie a 7″ size of elastic wire into a loop with an overhand knot, and use that in region of the hair tie.

Folding Instructions:

Step 1: First, lay the handkerchief, bandana, or piece of cloth out flat. Fold the pinnacle and backside inward to meet in the middle. Then, fold the bandana in half of again. There will be 4 layers of fabric.

Step 2: Next, you will use the two hair ties to create ear loops. Slip one hair tie over every of the quick ends. Slide the hair ties a few inches towards the center of the folded bandana.

Step 3: Then, fold every of the quick ends of the bandana in to meet in the middle. You prefer the ends to overlap slightly, so you can tuck one of the ends into the folds of the different end. This will assist preserve the ends secure.

Step 4: Wear the masks with the folded ends towards your face, and the easy facet out. This will assist hold the masks from unfolding as you put on it.

If the masks feel too tight round your ears, you can regulate the role of the hair ties to make it wider.

Step 5: Remember to wash the bandana after every use, or if it will become moist throughout use.

Variation: Using Rubber Bands Instead of Hair Ties

If you don’t have hair ties – or locate them uncomfortable round your ears – then you can alternative easy rubber bands. Fold the bandana in the identical way, however use rubber bands as an alternative of hair elastics.

How to Use Fabric Ties Instead

If you opt for you can use strips of material alternatively of hair ties. In this case, the ties would now not go round the ears, however as a substitute tie round the lower back of the head.

Start through making the strips. To make the strips, I reduce two 1″-wide, 18″-long strips of stretchy material from a t-shirt.

When it’s time to fold the mask, lay the strips down in the identical vicinity you would have put the hair ties, and fold the bandana the equal way as before.

Wear the masks by way of tying the material strips at the back of your head and neck.

How to Add a Filter

At one point, the CDC confirmed a model of this folded bandana masks with an espresso filter positioned between the folds. Other human beings have cautioned the use of a paper towel as a disposable filter.

Important to Remember

A DIY face masks is now not a substitute for a surgical mask. Rather, these masks are supposed to assist defend different human beings when you are in public and/or can't keep social distancing guidelines. Be certain to comply with the pointers of the CDC about carrying masks and face coverings. So, you can refer and choose our Trung Quy face mask as your consideration options before buying a mask.

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