Hops, Common – (Humulus Lupulus)

Humulus lupulus, also known as common hops, is a species of flowering plant in the Hemp family.

The flowers of the Hops plant have been used for its sedative effects on the central nervous system to treat stress, anxiety, and insomnia.  Extracts have been used over time to treat leprosy, pulmonary tuberculosis, and acute bacterial dysentery.  They have also been used externally to remedy cold tumors.

This herb has been studied for its anti-viral properties and anti-micro bacterial properties.  Hops contains humulone and lupulone, with the latter being noted for its anti-bacterial qualities and the ability to stimulate gastric juice production.

Hops also contains numerous various flavonoids, and has been studied for containing estrogen precursors as well. This herb contain phytoestrogens, which act like the female hormone estrogen in the body.  There are products for breast enlargement which use hops in the formulations.  When brewed into a tea, hop flowers have been used as a remedy for cramps, swellings and a general strengthening of the uterus.

This plant has been used for menstrual difficulties for over 2500 years, with its earliest uses documented during early Roman and Greek history.

One thing to note that is often overlooked.  Hops have a reputation of decreasing sexual desire and literally making you sweat through increased perspiration.

Some varieties of hops can be smoked and they produce a light sedative, almost hypnotic state in the user.

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