Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea Caerulea)

Blue Lotus is a water lily, both beautiful to look at and very useful in natural medicine.  The plant has a lengthy history of use dating back several thousand years.  The top applications for Blue Lotus are as a sleep aid and to reduce anxiety.  It is also widely used as a euphoric, consumed as a tea or smoked.

The flowers are grown in Egypt, along the banks of the Nile River, eastern and southern Africa, and are cultivated commercially in Thailand.  Sacred Herbs sources their product in Thailand, due to the high color and superior quality.  For best results, they are grown in a water-based growing area, warm temperatures and high humidity.  They can be grown in pots but need careful attention and ample water for results. From seed to harvest takes approximately 6 months.

The reason Blue Lotus has euphoric effects are found in its physiology.  There are two active alkaloids in blue lotus flowers. One is aporphine, which our bodies convert to apomorphine, and the other is nuciferine.  These alkaloids interact with the human dopaminergic system.  Mainly, the parts of the human brain that are involved in both physiological and behavioral processes. Essentially, what happens is humans feel a mild euphoric feeling, they become more relaxed and able to sleep.  Some users say that smoking Blue Lotus increases sexual desire and emotional response to others.

Some people have been misinformed about this flower and considered it a hallucinogenic drug, even comparing it to illegal narcotics.  It is completely legal in every country across the world except for Russia, Poland, and Latvia, as far as we know.  There are no reported side effects with using it.

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