COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States

Stands for all injection companions consisting of jurisdictional companion centers, retail drug stores, long-lasting treatment centers, dialysis facilities, Government Emergency situation Administration Company and Health and wellness Sources and Solutions Management companion websites, and government entity centers, there are total 33 million cases in and over 584 thousands of deaths in U.S. till now and it decreases compared to last 30 days. As Covid Data Tracker from CDC, it is shorted around 10% of American have fully vaccinated compared to at least one dose people vaccinated till now.



There are many ideas that it's not difficult to get rich.

First, 45 million VND for US tour from Vietnam to get COVID-19 vaccine. This might be a hottest tour ever for Vietnamese. 

Second, a series of invitations to invest in 'super profitable', 'sitting with money' of Bitcoins for thousands of people when the market 'bottoms out'.

Third, a salesman is locked channel for fake marriage proposal when live streaming for sales.


First, Barca has steadily deteriorated in La Liga for the past four years.

Second, Thailand put one foot in the futsal World Cup.

Third, family convinced Messi to move to France.


Our World come first news with Tesla that lost all profits from Bitcoin due to Elon Musk's 'slander'.

Second, after 11 days of fighting, Israel and Hamas agree to a ceasefire.

Third, after the panic, the price of Bitcoin sometimes jumped above $ 40,000.

Fourth, "Microsoft will finally bring the Internet Explorer browser to the garden.

Fifth, "President Biden: 'The future of the auto industry is electric cars'.

Sixth, "Experts say Elon Musk doesn't understand Bitcoin and behaves irresponsibly.

Seventh, losing millions of dollars because of Elon Musk impersonation, Americans call for help from the federal government.

Eighty, CEO of TikTok parent company resigns.

Ninth, Lexus closes the schedule to launch a completely new electric car, promising to launch at least 10 more "blockbuster" green cars.

Tenth, Bitcoin "fools" investors with a drop of 31% in the morning, up 33% in the afternoon. Eleventh, German minister resigns over plagiarism.

Twelfth, 40% of Malaysian SMEs are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Thirteenth, Scotland begins rolling out 'vaccine passports'.

Fourteenth, UK approves over £31 billion deal between Virgin Media and O2.

Fifteenth, Central Retail Group invests 35 million USD in GO!.

Sixteenth, hundreds of American businesses requested the Korean President to pardon Samsung's 'crown prince'.

Seventeenth, COVID-19 in ASEAN by the end of May 20: New cases in Malaysia are unprecedentedly high; Laos is still in a nationwide blockade.

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